Team Work

Full strength team today and a lot to sort out before the delivery of wood supplies for the new platform. After a good watering in the greenhouse and polly tunnel. Cat and Jane get to finishing the top of the front cold frame. Meanwhile I emptied the van of all the new plants that we have been donated by Heather strawberries, gooseberries, lavender and clematis. With a plan to put the clematis into the gap in the drive where the tree came down a couple of years ago.

Cat cleared the area behind the greenhouse to absorb the coils of wire and general bits that had stood in front of the garage. We mypexed (suppressing fabric) the space behind the greenhouse and started to remove the rocks piled at the end wall of the garage. I moved rocks around the the cold frame and to the area becoming a wall leading down to the barn.

We measured out the platform area and made an action plan to get all the wood when its delivered to the bottom of the drive. Getting up the drive without the use of the quad as we’re still waiting for parts will be difficult. Also added two new raised beds to the veg garden and planning to add more just need to spend an evening cutting tin and prepping wood. Deer have started eating the flowering heather.

The walk Raised £31.75 this week! whitch seams very high for this time of year. Year on  year we only received between £7- 14 double it amazing.


lots of sun with rain showers


not anywhere to see people