Sometime there is so much happening here we can’t even put it into sentences!


8 am meeting to plan the week

Both cars cleaned and washed

Collected water lilies from down the road and weeded the pond for them

Checked and dug out drain at the back of the garage, guttering needs replacing asap

New guttering on lower barn working well and keeping it dry inside

Sharpening chainsaws and organising wood store during heavy downpour

Check the otter camera, got some good footage, new position was better although otters did move it slightly! Battery power could be an issue there as not enough light for a solar pack

Checked the walk, paused took a break to soak up the awesome view!

Fresh air and rainbows, What more could you ask for!


Drag wood over to chipping area

Cleaned the muck off the front gate from when the new cattle grid was fit

Moved Dahlias from the cold frame to outside granny’s bedroom window

Jane continued chipping

Lifted boat in boat shed to make room for local boats to be stored for winter

Cut doc and bog weed seed heads out of the meadow and put on the burn pile

Strimming lower two lawns, path to lower meadow and the arboretum

Started new section of wind fence around veg patch and planted out more willow along the back edge where we hope to create a natural wind fence

Salvage fence post from jimmy’s walk for new wind fence

Began to clear out and reorganise the greenhouse


Collected seaweed from beach for veg patch

Dragged more ponticum over to the chipping area for Jane

put in post for new wind fence

Cut bracken away in area separating the two upper fields

Rewiring the deer scarer


Today was a hot wet midge day starting with clouds of midges, the aim was to put the guttering on to the back of the barn. After washing all the old parts dug out of the dirt at the base of the barn we set to it with Cat standing in the hell hole of midges holding my legs so I could reach the top side of the roof slowly working our way down the side of the barn in the storm of midges but slowly getting the job done. Jane continued the chipping which seems like a never ending job but must be done.

After eating maybe a million midges and fixing the guttering back on we licked our wounds in the barn while I taught Cat how to replace and sharpen chainsaw blades. Finally found a replacement handle for the 20″ timber pro it seems fitting to get the rest of the chainsaws sharp and ready for the onslaught of timber prep as i’ve waited far too long for dry patch in the weather. Began clearing the backlog of wood in the wood store as we have a lot to bring in.


Today was a fishing day after a late call last night offering me a day out on the water bringing in as many prawns as fast and as effectively possible. Was a hard day of work but proves to me that if you want it then set it up right and focus everything you have on the goal.