Wishful planting

Today has been a day of seeds and planters. It started with some frustration trying to make two-bed frames in the polytunnel, but with a little more space I soon got both together and in place waiting to be filled with dirt. Meanwhile far off at the start of the drive Cat has been busy working away making two little trenches for poppies and wildflower that we will sow some seeds into today. Fingers crossed the weather is going to hold and it will be a year filled with flowers at Rudha Mor.

After having a quick coffee break the delivery van finally turned up with the quad parts. Rushed off to the lower barn to whip off the old wheel and get the new one on. Turned the key and nothing! Checked battery and decided to put it on charge. Will need to change over the starter and will try to get it up and running by tomorrow.

Back to watering and planting out seeds using 6×48 trays. Did 4 of flowers and 2 of veg.  Realising we are well ahead of where we were last year as the weather seems to be amazing, sun is out most days and hot for this time of year around 11-16C. Nights are still cold whitch is going to be my problem but working on solutions for that.  We’ll steam ahead hoping that the weather keeps getting warmer and the ground dryer.

Cat and I head off to sow the poppy seeds and wildflowers. We also potted up two clematis and have placed them on either side of the drive about half way up where the tree came down a few years ago. Then we went for an explore to see if we could find any fallen trees. We headed off down Ian’s walk and then following the boundary line around and down on to the back of the property. Its really diffrent when you get down towards the water level here, we must be walking on a variety of bog and heather species. We find three trees down which will make great fire wood, it may be hard to get them out but now that the quad is fixed they will be manageable to remove.




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