New year

Will after a long wet streak the sun finally seam to be getting out and the property is in good health. The Deer are back and playing up as ever down at the back of the new bed the seam to have set up home. and their are dropping every where. so I have pulled up some already devoured plant and moved them into the new bed to see if the deer step into the bed?? if they do then Im going to have to fences off the bed to give the plants a chances to get established hum!

well the day started at 9 am this morning as i got to the property the sun was bright so I could finally walk in with out the use of a touch, handy. but the days are finally getting longer and summer is on its way. after making tea and teaching the wood ands making a fire. I began my plan of moving some plants down from the house pond garden to the new bed. and had the mad idea of using up any bulbs I have left over to fill in the holes.


Once I revamped the plant i relocated them to the new bed at the start of the walk.  also added a couple of new surprises to the drive. fingers crossed the deer will not eat them. As I made my way with the excise  back up to the house i sore how sad the house first bed is so I went to work on this pulling out grass and splitting plant and adding new stuff so hopefully this will start to take shade. after topping up the bed and adding some horse mauna and extra soil lunch was ready and the day had disappeared now being 2:30 ish.


later cut wood and sharped tools ready to clear more dead trees and just hoping for a dry spell to be able to get the rest of the grass cut around the edge of the meadows.