After watering the plants it’s time to investigate the quad little more. Armed with tools and a load more information on how to get it running. Having done all the tests I still have not isolated the problem but have got it down to only a couple of probable issues. It is at least starting now but only using the pull start.

With the quad now working well enough I headed around to the edge of the property below Ian’s walk where I had found 3 trees down. I cut them into manageable sections and hauled up the sections of the trees to be taken in for chopping and drying. I noticed huge areas of the Rhododendron ponticum and decided to cut it at the bases in an attempt to reduce its hold of this area, I will drag it out in the near future.

We recently looked through some old photos of Rudha Mor and it was amazing to see the differences to the landscape. One of the things we noticed was how much less of the Rhododendron ponticum there was and it is a mammoth job to clear but this is a task that we will be setting time aside for.

Began clearing the brambles around the new area for the platform and working out the measurements.

Weather fairly clear