Absolutely soaked to the core at Rudha Mor. The rain has not stopped since last night and water is flowing heavy through every ditch and still soaking the ground.

Started off the day with the usual watering in the polly tunnel and greenhouse where needed. Sharpened the chainsaw, sythe and several other tools and did some general tidying up. Deadheaded daffodils on Jimmy’s walk.

Richard came out to help and we potted up the strawberries and filled the new beds in the polly tunnel with compost.

As the rains continued Cat and I decided to sort the wood pile to make room for cutting more fresh wood and organised the area where we are storing all the various pots for plants.

As the rains continued we decided that it was probably a good idea to check the paths, all seemed well. The area leading down to the otter pond where I have been creating pools flowing into one another has filled up with water which looks wonderful and controls the speed in which it comes down from the upper meadows.

Weather  – non stop rain

People on walk – 1 local