Trees, deEr and plants

Early morning, on the property before 8am planning out my day. Sorting through power issues in garage.  Planted out the final few cherry trees today 4 up in the pond garden by the house and 2 down on Jimmy’s walk. I have moved some plants around on the pond side just so they fit in better and split the wild primrose and moved them closer to the start of the walk. Also moved one of the baby macabeanum Rhododendrons to another location, not 100% about it but we’ll give it some time and see.

Built cages for all the trees and double checked all the other cages to see how there holding up, everything seems well. The greenhouse is coming to life and have to figure out what to do with all the stocks (scented flower).

Took a bag of sawdust over to Jimmy’s walk to help reduce the muddy bit at the top of the steps.

Tom the gillie returned with more roe deer from last nights shoot, one more down.

Weather mostly good, cold wind

Walkers 4 + 1 local